Of all the CD’s in the series, Brunch [on the Barrier Reef] is our favourite. We close our eyes and disappear into a state of warmth and deep peace. It brings back perfectly our unforgettable trip to Australia in mid-1997.”

Jane and Arthur Tippet, Cornwall UK

Brunch on the Barrier Reef is a hit with young audiences and was recognised as a best-selling ambient music album by Larrikin Music when it was released.


The Enviro-Music series was awarded a prestigious North Coast Dolphin Award for its contribution to the music industry.


Brett Nielsen’s famous Enviro-Music is wonderfully refreshing.


I love my Lunch on Lamington CD. I put it on after a busy day teaching fourth graders and I am transported for an hour to a place of tranquillity and peace. It keeps me sane… and I just hang out to hear the Pheasant Coucal’s call.”

Heidi Burnett, Tasmania