Pigs In Space

Pigs in Space is an original recording album by Brett Nielsen that has stood the test of time…

The Pigs in Space project was a labour of love for Brett since its inception some 27 years ago.

His first personal recording project, Brett was still in his twenties when he wrote the songs featured on this album. It was the 1980s, and these songs captured a snapshot of Brett’s youthful enthusiasm.

Big Toe Studio was purpose built to record the album and later opened for commercial use in 1987.

The recording technology used to produce the album has evolved over the years, originally recorded on 12 track magnetic tape, it was transferred  to 24-track tape when further production and a series of new mixes were undertaken in 1996.

More recently Brett and his dear friend of more than 30 years, Don Rummery, transferred the recordings to a digital format. With their wealth of experience and incredible patience, the tracks have since morphed from demos into quality album mixes.